Procurement Advice

As a firm of professionally qualified Chartered Surveyors and Project Managers, we are often called upon to provide advice on general contractor procurement. We have consulted extensively and written published articles on the different aspects of CM at Risk, Design-Build, CM as Agent, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) and how each relates to the traditional Design-Bid-Build method. Each present advantages and challenges, and we consult on the budget, quality and schedule implications of making that selection.

We also provide valuable contract advice in the area of change order clauses – how the owner can protect itself in the event of change orders arising on the project, including allowable mark-ups for overhead and profit, basis of pricing, requirement for vendor quotes, treatment of credits and so forth.

Other services in this area include:

  • Bidder lists and pre-qualifying general contractors
  • Bid analysis
  • General contractor interviews
  • Bid negotiation
  • Creating bid forms and capturing bid data
  • Construction phase cost management

The firm employs professionals with a deep understanding of construction contracts and their application in financial matters. Our training and experience qualifies us as impartial experts who can look at a change order breakdown line-by-line on one hand, while assessing the requirements of the contract with the other. We will review productivity assumptions, labor/crew rates, material pricing, equipment charges and the proper application of overhead and profit mark-ups, negotiating as needed at the sub-contract and general contractor level.

Similarly we are adept at monitoring the overall financial progress of the contract, utilizing earned value methodology to make accurate assessments and forecasts. We assist financial institutions and owners with on-going monitoring of their investments in construction, reporting regularly on disbursements, changes, contingency balances, earned value, costs-to-complete and other financial metrics.