Hanscomb Consulting Awarded GSA Schedule


Hanscomb Consulting is pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded a GSA SCHEDULE contract.  The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) enables Federal agencies to procure total professional service solutions using a single Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).  Following a rigorous approval process, which includes a review of the firm’s established quality control standards, relevant project experience, as well as outstanding past performance, Hanscomb has successfully demonstrated to GSA our capability to provide services under two Special Item Numbers (“SIN’s”) for Construction Management and Engineering Consulting Services, and Budgeting.

Services provided under SIN 871-7 Construction Management and Engineering Consulting Services include construction management, engineering consulting, project management, and related professional services specifically pertaining to real property.  As an approved contractor performing construction management services, we can become the professional adviser to the customer agency, and as principal agent, advise or manage the process over the project regardless of the project delivery method used.  Construction Management and Engineering Consulting services include, but are not limited to, facility condition assessment, design phase support, procurement support, commissioning services, testing services, construction claims support, post-construction engineering services, and other related technical consulting services.

Under SIN 520-12 Budgeting, Hanscomb can provide services to the Federal government and related agencies for budgeting, estimating and cost management services.  Services under this SIN include assessing and improving the budget formulation and execution processes, conducting special reviews to resolve budget formulation or budget execution issues and providing technical assistance to improve budget preparation or execution processes.