Our team has been providing service across all levels of government for decades, ranging from initial budgets requests on DD1391 forms for the Department of Defense, through full-scale estimating and change order management for GSA, to project management of major federal buildings and renovations. Our judicial experience alone includes dozens of federal, state and county courthouses across the country, plus several correctional facilities at the state and county level.

We also participate in or lead portfolio-wide studies - Martin Jacobs, principal of the firm, is the primary author of the General Construction Cost Review Guide (GCCRG), commissioned by the federal General Services Administration (GSA) to assess the cost of each of the many space-types that occupy a federal courthouse, and more recently the Courthouse Unit Cost Study for the same agency. Scott Cullen, also a principal, was the co-author of the GSA’s P-120 Cost Estimating Guide. Past performance here includes: