Freer Gallery of Art

Freer Gallery of Art.jpg

Washington, DC
170,000 SF; $7 Million
Client: LendLease
Owner: Smithsonian Institution
Role: Cost Estimating 

The Freer Gallery of Art, resembling an Italian palazzo with its open courtyard, opened to the public in 1923. Its 170,000 SF of interior space includes galleries, conservation laboratories, a library, and storage for a world class collection of Asian and Islamic art. The existing steam reheat and humidification system for the building are more than 25 years old and their performance is unreliable, creating conditions that compromise the protection and preservation of the museum collections. Failures to the duct-mounted steam heating coils and humidifiers are occurring repeatedly. In order to reestablish long-term system reliability, all of the steam heating coils and humidifiers will be replaced. The extent of the work will require the closure of the Museum for one year and relocation of some programs.