Cost Estimating

Knowing how much the building under design is going to cost is a fundamental requirement on most projects. Our cost experts cover all disciplines and all components of a facility, resulting in a complete, reliable cost plan that is continually monitored and refreshed as the design progresses. Using leading-edge technology, cost estimates can be created and updated quickly and cost-effectively, while maintaining the level of accuracy we are known for throughout the industry.

The level of service provided ranges from early concept stage cost models, based on limited project information and relying heavily on past project data combined with current market trends, through to very detailed pre-bid estimates founded on complete quantity take-offs, with prices broken down into labor, materials and equipment. At every stage of design the owner and design team can clearly see where the cost has changed and what will be required to steer it back on track.

We include in all of our cost plans an assessment of risk in the project, and how that impacts the contingency levels required. We also participate in risk management workshops, have developed and maintained risk registers, and offered advice on identifying and mitigating project risks. The firm also has extensive Value Engineering (VE) experience, having participated in dozens of studies over the years. We have a deep understanding of the cost drivers of projects, and can quickly pinpoint prime areas for further analysis for higher-value solutions.