Construction Support Services 

The firm employs professionals with a deep understanding of construction contracts and their application as it relates to the construction project and financial matters.  Our training and experience qualifies us as impartial experts who can look at a change order breakdown line-by-line on one hand, while assessing the requirements of the contract with the other.  We will analyze:

  • Entitlement
  • Quantities of added and deleted work
  • Productivity assumptions
  • Labor/crew rates
  • Material pricing
  • Work in place requiring to be removed
  • Equipment charges
  • The proper application of overhead and profit mark-ups

We provide this service to owners and to general contractors, negotiating as needed at the sub-contract level, or on the owner's behalf at general contractor level.  We have found with virtually every engagement that we save the owner significantly more than our professional fees, while maintaining positive and respectful relationships on the project.