Catastrophic Response Support

Hanscomb Consulting has continued to develop our Catastrophic Response (“CAT Response”) service line, providing disaster and damage assessments and supporting insurance recovery for building owners in both the public and private sectors.  With Builder’s Risk and disaster loss recovery work experiences in both the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico, our CAT Response team has developed a global understanding of several types of insurances losses as well as the processes involved in supporting claims submission and successful resolution.  We have participated in loss-recovery projects resulting from structural failure, fire, water and natural disaster damage.

Collaborating with specialty consultants, such as design and forensic engineers, our services include building damage assessment, documentation, quantification and repair/replacement cost estimating from both a cost and project management perspective.  Repairs in an on-going, operational building environment, for example, require careful planning, phasing and logistics, so our project management staff collaborates and participates in the estimating exercise to ensure those costs are captured as part of the claim estimate. Further, as reconstruction efforts from both a labor and material perspective also vary greatly from geography to geography - especially following a catastrophic loss, Hanscomb performs due diligence, collaborating with local resources and incorporating local market research into our estimates.  Finally, with professional project and construction managers on staff, Hanscomb also has the capability of staying engaged to support owners in the procurement and execution of reconstruction/repair efforts.   

Hanscomb Consulting's unique differentiators are:

  • Ability to assess damage reconstruction/repair and develop cost estimates from a construction management perspective, incorporating phasing, inefficiencies, temporary protections, logistics, and local post-catastrophic environmental factors, etc.

  • As part of the service, meet/interview local contractors to provide "real" market data input on labor and material cost.

  • Certified QS Services providing cost feedback in a format reconcilable with most insurance company estimates.

  • We have also participated in many condition assessment exercises, providing deficiency estimating and replacement cost conditions.

  • Clients include:

    • Euro Capital Properties (hospitality)

    • Private Owners (fire damage)

    • Goodman, Gable, Gould, Global Adjusters (Hurricane Maria)

Our CAT Response team has been set up to mobilize quickly to support adjusters in any corner of the globe, with any type of loss.